Helping you to learn and navigate through a new life with a baby in your hands, we provide the extra layer of care, support, and practical assistance needed by you and your families in the most vulnerable yet exciting time of your life. 

By hiring the services of a certified and professional postpartum doula, you are empowered with the strength of normalizing the overwhelming experiences of motherhood, learning how to take care of your baby and yourself in the best possible way, and reducing the impact of chaos and surprise that a new baby and parenthood brings along in your home.  


Women who hire a postpartum doula have a greater chance of successful breastfeeding and less chance of anxiety and postpartum depression. As well as more focused time bonding and getting to know their new child and therefore having a better understanding of their needs and behavior. There are endless benefits to having a postpartum doula to support you along the way during this overwhelming yet precious time in your lives!


We provide comprehensive and personalized Postpartum Doula services to mothers and their new babies:

Emotional Support

Physical Support

Practical Support

Initial Prenatal Intake Consultation 

  • Included in all packages
  • Cost: free

The Initial Prenatal Intake Consultation is included in all three packages and is free of cost. It can be virtual or in person. It is aimed at discussing your goals, your birth plan and any special accommodations you will want to make sure that your fourth trimester will be a success! Overview of package options and pricing will be discussed as well.

Welcome Home Package

  • 1 prenatal intake consultation visit – 1 hour (scheduled anywhere from 30-37 weeks pregnant)
  • 4 hours of postpartum support (over the span of 1 week)
  • Cost: $150

This package is designed to help you transition into your new life of parenthood. Coming home with your newborn can feel overwhelming but we are here to help you make that first week home feel as comfortable and seamless as possible! Enjoy four hours of postpartum support during your first week with your new bundle of joy.

Sweet Beginnings Package

  • 1 prenatal intake consultation visit – 1 hour (scheduled anywhere from 30-37 weeks pregnant)
  • 12 hours of postpartum support (over the span of 2 weeks)
  • Cost: $390

This package is designed for mothers and families looking for some extra emotional, practical, and physical support in the first couple of weeks of postpartum. This package can help you get off to a great start with breastfeeding, bonding and recovery.

Embracing Motherhood Package

  • 1 prenatal intake consultation visit – 1 hour (scheduled anywhere from 30-37 weeks pregnant)
  • 16 hours of postpartum support (over the span of 4 weeks)
  • Cost: $510

Spanning over a period of 4 weeks, we provide expert care and support for you and your newborn baby. We will help ease your transition home with helping to set up a routine to make your new day to day life a little easier, as well as providing extra time and support for you to take time for yourself, whether that is a nap while the baby is asleep or getting outside for a walk.

Let’s meet to talk about your Postpartum Plan. Schedule your free consultation today!